Social Service

  • This church-led program in Cairo is providing medical, educational and counseling support to needy people in the community.

  • The Village of Hope is a non-governmental organization in Alexandria, established to provide much needed care and attention to one of the most marginalized groups in Egyptian society – mentally-challenged young people. This center also offers a day care that includes medical and psychological services. Young adults have the opportunity to attend vocational training programs […]

  • This organization assists working children (mainly boys) from garbage collectors’ communities in Moqattam. In this area, often called “garbage city,” families survive by collecting, sorting and recycling about 95 percent of Cairo’s trash. About 80 percent of this work is done by hand. Children actively participate in this work, and most of them drop out […]

  • Lillian Trasher Orphanage, in Assiut, was founded in the early 1900s by a young American woman, known among Egyptians simply as “Mama Lillian.” She dedicated her whole life to caring for orphaned children. Since its establishment, the orphanage has cared for over 20,000 children. Besides children who lost ether one or both parents, this organization […]

  • Fairhaven School for mentally challenged children started with ten children and four teachers. Today, it has grown into a special education institution with 185 students and 73 teachers. Students range in age from two to adolescence, and a multitude of classes and activities are offered to meet the special needs of attendees. The school provides […]

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