Hands Along the Nile Development Services (HANDS) is an American non-profit organization that is committed to building bridges between the people of Egypt and the US. In addition to our programs of exchange and dialogue, HANDS also supports projects aimed at bringing socioeconomic stability to Egyptian communities.

We believe that this stability creates an environment in which democratic ideals can flourish and those susceptible to radical ideologies find peaceful and productive means of pursuing their life goals.


People sometimes ask us, “Why Egypt?” Despite being one of the largest and the most influential countries in the Middle East, Egypt faces numerous social and economic challenges to progress and to a peaceful, prosperous future.

A key to bringing stability to this region is empowering communities to tackle their own problems through participatory decision-making and responsible self-governance. We have chosen to focus on a leading country in the region because we know that it serves as an example for many others.

At the same time, for Americans in these tumultuous days, it is imperative to cultivate relationships with the people of the Middle East. Engaging with Egyptian community leaders in dialogue is equally important for both our countries in seeking to understand “the other.”

As our two regions toss accusations and stereotypes about, we want to bring people together, face to face, into conversations that challenge their assumptions and build bridges of understanding.