Join us as we explore the history, religions, culture, and development efforts of one of the world’s oldest nations!

Upcoming trips:

October 4-14, 2024 (See the itinerary and pricing here.)

HANDS’ Insight Trips allow visitors to look beyond the famous tourist sites to discover the vibrant, multifaceted Egypt of today. Emphasizing person to person experience across a full cross-section of Egyptian society, Insight Trips provide an intimate, eye opening introduction to a fascinating and unforgettable land. Join us as we:Luxor

    • Climb a minaret
    • Share a meal with a local Egyptian family
    • Browse the wares in ancient bazaars
    • Take a sail boat ride on the Nile
    • Snorkel on the Red Sea
    • Ride camels around pyramids
    • Enjoy a Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor
    • Meet HANDS’ partner organizations working to improve their communities

Insight Trips are led by accompanying HANDS staff and, besides being enriching and informative, they are also comfortable and safe. These trips feature five or four-star hotels, local restaurants, experienced English and Arabic–speaking staff, daily guides, and special visits to places often closed to tourists.


A previous Insight Trip member had this to say about her experience:

October2005InsightTrip328“The Persians, Greeks and Romans, the French and the British succeeded the Pharaohs as presiders over Egypt. Travel with HANDS and you will see all the wonders they left for the world: pyramids and temples, tombs and paintings and writings. You will see synagogues, churches and mosques, as well as modern cities modeled on European capitals. But as an insider traveling with HANDS, you will be given yet another dimension. They will honor you as an insider: they will take you to see village development projects they support, and perhaps have you participate in one of their intercultural and interfaith dialogues.

You will meet the leaders of some of the organizations who work with youth, women and the disabled. I traveled to Egypt on a HANDS’ Insight Trip. I saw a great deal of Egypt and learned a great deal. I recommend the trip to you. Do join one.”

Sue H., New York