ThinkandDofFinalIn villages and urban areas across Egypt, HANDS is pleased to sponsor microloans to help aspiring entrepreneurs launch or expand small businesses. We work through two local partners: Think and Do and CEOSS.

These loans are given to economically vulnerable individuals and families to start small businesses or make their existing small businesses commercially viable. Funding is normally in the amount of  $140 to $280 although larger amounts are also provided, especially for those with existing enterprises and strong business plans who wish to expand. The repayment period is generally two years. Along with the funds, beneficiaries also receive consistent business mentoring from the staff of our partner organizations. Because of this personalized approach and careful screening of applicants, the loan repayment rate is over 99%.

In cases of particular need, such as for widows with dependent children, small non-repayable grants are also given for micro enterprise. These are often given in the form of tools, such as a sewing machine or carpentry tools, to enable trainees to establish their small businesses.