Our online Arabic courses offer an opportunity to those studying Arabic at the beginner, intermediate or advanced levels to master your skills with native Arabic speaking instructors from Egypt. This is an exciting opportunity not only to improve your Arabic language skills, but also to engage in intercultural exchange through one-on-one interaction with a qualified Arabic language instructor. By taking this online interactive course, taught by local teachers in real time, you can ensure your Arabic skills are suitable for real-life situations, including professional environments, and can improve your understanding of the local culture as well.

In addition to benefiting from learning and making connections with local people from another culture, by signing up for HANDS’ Arabic classes, you contribute to supporting some great causes, such as empowerment of women and persons with disabilities, economic inclusion of youth, and health care services for the poorest of the poor in Egypt and the broader Middle East and North Africa region. After paying the instructors, all the proceeds from this language program support HANDS’ development and intercultural understanding work in Egypt and in the region.

About the classes

Based on your learning needs and goals, we will match you with a qualified Egyptian teacher, and you will receive detailed instructions on how to access the web-based class portal and connect with your teacher. The teachers are fluent in English, as well. Each class is 45 minutes long, and classes are available every day of the week and weekends (but must be scheduled in advance). The frequency and final schedule of classes for each student will depend both on the needs of the student and availability of teachers and could range from one to several classes per week or month. All scheduling and teacher-student matching is overseen by HANDS staff.


The price of one 45-minute class is $28

A set of four classes: $110

A set of eight classes: $210

A set of ten classes: $250

To set up your first class, or if you have a question about the classes, you can register online, or contact the HANDS office by phone at 703-875-9370 or by email at classes@handsalongthenile.org. Registration is free and no financial information is required.

To purchase your online Arabic classes, click here.

Promotions and Special Offers

New Referral Bonus

If a current student refers a new student to our Arabic classes program, once the new student signs up for a minimum of four classes, the individual who referred that student will receive one free class. The new student must mention that they were referred by the current student at the time of their initial sign up.

Free Trial Class

Available to first time students only, one free trial class per person. Use code FALL when registering for our Arabic class program. Valid until November 20, 2023.

Teacher Profiles

You can see the list of our teachers and their profiles if you click here.


This video shows some of our students and teachers discussing their experiences learning Arabic through HANDS’ Online program. The students and teachers answer a series of questions about taking online classes, how the classes improve their language skills, and their intercultural exchanges between each other.