Alternative breaks offer students the opportunity to travel to Egypt when they are not in school. We are always looking for interested groups of students who have an interest in the region or its rich history and culture. Utilizing our experience, we are able to plan a trip that meets your group’s specific needs and desires. We can arrange sightseeing trips to visit Egypt’s most famous landmarks, taking us back to the time of the Pharaohs. Past trips have included meetings and events with Egyptian locals, who are eager to interact with Americans. For service-minded groups, we can arrange volunteer development activities. These offer opportunities for students to give back to those in need.

Our programs are flexible and can accommodate most budgets. However, participants must understand that the costs of international travel and lodging are significant. That being said, our alternative break trips are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that promise to change the way you think about Egypt and its people.

If you are interested in joining us on an Egyptian adventure with a group of your peers, contact us.