Amany graduated from the Faculty of Hotels and Tourism just as Egypt’s tourism industry was reeling from the fallout of the recent political transitions. With her education completed and no job to go to each day, the 22-year-old struggled with time management skills and spent most of her free time in front of a TV or computer.

Then, one day, she was sent an invitation to a HANDS-sponsored employment training program in her community and decided to participate.

Through HANDS’ Employment through Technology and Innovation training, Amany gained computer knowledge, soft skills, and management capabilities that helped her with her job search . She also had access to the job-posting website that HANDS and her partner organizations had developed. Within a few days of registering, Amany was called for an interview with a local hotel and was offered a position in their marketing department.

The invaluable training Amany received was just what she needed to learn marketable skills,  navigate an interview and find gainful employment!

HANDS is grateful for the partnership of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and our other HANDS donors that are helping launch young people across Egypt into their careers.