I am an Egyptian certified teacher of Arabic as a Foreign Language with a master’s degree from the American University in Cairo (AUC). I enjoy communicating with people and learning more about different cultures.

During the past three years, I have taught students from different nationalities and levels (especially beginner and intermediate). My favorite teaching approach is the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach, in which language is taught through meaningful contexts.

In my free time, I enjoy reading and traveling.


I have been teaching Arabic for over 25 years and I have enjoyed teaching all language levels and helping students of different ages, as well as mid and high-level professionals, ambassadors and businesspeople, master their Arabic language skills.

I studied Arabic literature and grammar and presented papers at language conferences on language methodology. I am the author of five volumes on colloquial Egyptian Arabic and six books on modern standard Arabic. My “Kallimni ‘Arabi” series, for example, is widely used as a favorite teaching resource by many institutions and teaching professionals.

My tailor-made courses use files, books, and teaching aids to deliver the target language to students. In my free time, I enjoy reading literature, singing classic songs, and giving lectures about women’s rights.


I’m Gihad Ahmad. I’m a 21-year-old Egyptian girl. I live in Assiut, which is a city located in Upper Egypt.

My major is English Literature and the English language. I love reading which makes me feel and live more. I also love to write what’s popping up in my mind. Actually, I wrote my first short story three months ago.

I believe that the easiest way to understand someone is to know about his/her culture, and language is a method we use for this purpose. I enjoy teaching Arabic, especially my Egyptian dialect through language exchange apps to let people know more about our culture, traditions, and lifestyle. I translate songs, pronounce words, and talk about food recipes. Learning Arabic is gonna’ be fun with me.


My name is Nermine Habib. I am from Cairo. I am a professional online Arabic teacher with five years of experience. I have a Master’s Degree in Linguistics, focused on tackling Egyptian slang.

As for my earlier educational background, I have an undergraduate certificate in English language and my mother tongue is Arabic.

I really enjoy teaching to have the chance to interact with people from different cultures and learn from them. I am patient with my students to help them acquire the Arabic language. I use different interactive tools, such as flash cards, photos and games, to enjoy the sessions.

I am a very energetic woman who loves traveling, swimming, cycling and interacting with people from different countries.


My name is Mohammed Gad. I am from Giza, Egypt but I teach in Cairo. I graduated with honors from the Faculty of Education with a Bachelors in Arabic Studies and Literature.  I have been teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers for more than 15 years and hold a certification for teaching Arabic to English speakers.

I am happily married with two daughters. I enjoy playing football (soccer) and swimming and am also an avid reader and a nature enthusiast.


My name is Nabila ElSayed. I am from Cairo, Egypt. I graduated with honors from Dar AlUloom University with a Bachelors in Arabic Studies and Literature. I have been teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers for more than 17 years and hold a certification for teaching Arabic to English speakers.

I am happily married with two daughters. I enjoy spending time with family, poetry, and gardening. I am an avid reader and a nature enthusiast.

Alaa Arabic Teacher (002)ALAA RIAD

My name is Alaa Riad. I have been teaching for five years now besides working as a translator and teacher trainer.  I prefer teaching beginners and pre-intermediate students where I feel all the real learning happens. Cross-cultural communication is my passion.  I enjoy reading, cooking, traveling and learning languages, of course.   Can’t wait to meet you and hear your native-like Arabic.  I assure you that, studying with me, you will get to know things that are not found in books!


My name is Heba Mussad. I have more than 15 years of experience in teaching Arabic as a foreign language to non-native speakers (Modern Standard Arabic MSA, Egyptian ECA, & Sudanese Colloquial Arabic SCA, Media, Literature & Translation, from novice to advanced levels) in both the USA and Egypt. I am a native Arabic speaker and fluent in English as well.

I worked as an Arabic Language Instructor and ECA coordinator in International Language Institute, IH Cairo, Egypt. I worked as Universities’ Coordinator in the same institution as well. I have developed various materials for teaching at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, including tools for online lessons. While teaching Arabic to foreigners, I also help them gain better understanding of Egyptian and Eastern cultures.

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