Healthcare & Social Services

  • Green Pastures Society Medical Center is a five-room clinic nearing completion in El Salam City, a squatter area outside of Cairo, to provide treatment and a medical dispensary for the lower-income residents of the community. Needs include medical equipment and furniture.

  • The American Hospital of Tanta was established over 100 years ago by two American Presbyterian female doctors. It provides outpatient and inpatient care and services to the residents of Tanta and neighboring towns within a fifty-mile radius. The hospital also offers specialized geriatric care, as well as social services to the neighboring communities. It operates with […]

  • Cairo Presbyterian Medical Center is a non-profit medical facility near the heart of Cairo, serving an extremely low-income community. The clinic provides a comprehensive set of medical services, including both outpatient and inpatient care. This is also one of the rare institutions in Egypt that provides geriatric services and a hospice. Although it is a […]

  • The Center for Hope and a Cure is a local community health center in Alexandria that provides healthcare to underprivileged people in the community. Started twenty years ago as a small apartment office, it has grown to become a five-story medical center, where urban poor can seek the help they need at a low cost […]

  • This center provides holistic care to its 80 elderly Egyptian residents. A building project is currently underway, designed to accommodate an additional 40 residents, provide services for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, introduce day-care facilities, expand training for caregivers and increase outreach services, especially home healthcare.

  • In June 2005, HANDS was awarded its first US Agency for International Development (USAID) grant to help establish an eye care center in the Upper Egyptian province of Minia, one of the poorest areas in Egypt. The project will be implemented in cooperation with our largest Egyptian partner, CEOSS. Horus Hostital, formerly known as the […]

  • The Medical Mission originated in 2007, in response to the numerous requests for professional training voiced by healthcare professionals working in clinics in underserved areas of Egypt. The aim was to facilitate establishment of new partnerships between American and Egyptian medical professionals in order to address the gaps in access to good quality healthcare in […]

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