Retreat/Conference Centers:

Beit El Salaam

This is a conference center on the Mediterranean Sea, serving around 12,000 campers each year. Its goal is to provide a retreat location for various church and youth groups, including those who could not afford to attend otherwise.

The New Minia Development Project

This venture, undertaken by the Second Presbyterian Church of Minia, is a building project with the goal of providing a place for social, spiritual and recreational activities for a new suburb of the city.

Kasr El Dobarah

This is the largest Presbyterian Church in the Middle East, located in the heart of downtown Cairo and serving a congregation of more than 7,000. Currently, they are building a sports and conference complex called “Beit El Wadi.” This center is intended to provide accommodation, sports and conference facilities for large groups.

The Khasha’a Project

Khasha’a is a seaside camp being built to help fulfill spiritual and social needs urgently felt in the Egyptian Christian community, especially among underprivileged young people.

Church Renovation Projects:

Some HANDS donors choose to support church renovation projects in Egypt in order to help the local Christian communities, an initiative that dates back to the work of the Apostle Mark in Egypt in the first century AD.

The following is the list of such projects:

    • Heliopolis Presbyterian, Cairo
    • Minia Second Presbyterian
    • Abutig
    • Fourth Presbyterian of El Eksas
    • Rod el Farag Presbyterian
    • Minia Third Presbyterian
    • Herz Presbyterian
    • Nazlet El Abeed, Minia
    • Attarine Presbyterian, Alexandria
    • Rod el Farag Presbyterian, Cairo

Christian Leadership Development:

Evangelical (Presbyterian) Theological Seminary in Cairo

The seminary trains Christian leaders from all over the Middle East. They are currently in need of funds to finish a campus renovation project and to sponsor professors of theology from the U.S. for their faculty exchange program.

Synod of the Nile High School Youth Committee

This group dedicated to fulfilling the spiritual, intellectual and physical needs of high school students from all around Egypt.