Nora is a self-made woman who doesn’t let any obstacle get in the way of achieving her dreams — and being a woman with disabilities from an under-served Egyptian province can pose a lot of obstacles.
Nevertheless, she persisted. Nora learned how to be financially independent through HANDS’ Employment Through Technology and Innovation (ETI) program. One of the program’s initiatives focuses on teaching Egyptians with disabilities marketable skills and giving them the self confidence to start their own business.
Nora took a course on electronic maintenance with other members of her community with disabilities. Upon completion of the course – which enjoys a 90% success rate – the trainees receive a phone repair starter kit. Now, Nora is thriving at an electronics repair shop.
But she didn’t stop there! By learning marketable skills from her ETI courses and now knowing what it takes to start a business, Nora started her own handicraft business selling  one-of-a-kind creations.
Nora says she learned how to remain positive during her time as an ETI trainee, but we think Nora has always been a strong and independent woman!
HANDS would like to thank USAID Egypt and our other generous sponsors for helping us uncover the confidence of gifted people like Nora.