For many modern Egyptian women, limited access to vocational training and job opportunities is an everyday reality.

According to the World Bank in 2018, only 23% of Egyptian women will be able to find formal employment in their lifetimes. Therefore, the opportunity to start a small business can be transformational for women looking to gain financial independence or contribute to their family’s finances.

When Madiha, a 45-year-old, mother of five, heard of HANDS-sponsored micro loans in her community, she decided to apply for a loan to open a small grocery store with a cotton candy machine. 

The store grew quickly, with local children flocking to buy her cotton candy. Who knew success tasted so sweet?

As the store continued to thrive, Madiha decided to take out another loan in order to purchase a small refrigerator to help her keep up with business.

Madiha is grateful to HANDS’ generous donors for providing her with the opportunity to turn her business idea into a reality, which has enabled her to provide for her family.

Opportunities like Madiha’s are made possible by donors like you. Thank you!