Board Of Directors

  • Britney Juuko

    Britney is currently double majoring in Political Science and International Studies at Merrimack College, driven by a deep passion for global affairs. Her future career goal is to work with an international development organization based in Africa, where she can apply her knowledge to foster sustainable change and empower communities. She is dedicated to gaining […]

  • Yanik Matysiak

    Yanik is a second year Master’s candidate at the School of Media and Public Affairs at the George Washington University. He currently studies Media and Strategic Communication. At HANDS, Yanik supports the communications team and is responsible for social media content production and writing e-newsletters for constituents. As an international student, Yanik is especially interested […]

  • McAuley Kriebel

    McAuley Kriebel is a junior at American University where she is majoring in International Relations. She is deeply passionate about human rights issues and international economic and sociopolitical development. After graduation, McAuley hopes to attend law school.

  • Peter Koplovsky

    Peter Koplovsky is a Junior at George Washington University, majoring in International Affairs with a concentration in International Development. He is passionate about Economic Development, Environmental law, and Renewable Energy Policy. Peter plans to pursue a career in Development and Foreign Policy.

  • William “Skip” Miner

    William “Skip” Miner is a politico-military expert and retired U.S. Navy Commander.  He served in the Navy from 1967 to 1988. This included advising the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs and providing strategic planning to the staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Since 1988, Skip has worked as a private-sector policy consultant to […]

  • Anis Aclimandos

    Anis Aclimandos is the current President of Transcentury Associates, where he has worked for almost 30 years as an international business development specialist. He also serves on the American Chamber of Commerce in Cairo (AmCham) as President and previously held roles of Vice President of Membership and Executive Vice President. A certified accountant, Anis earned […]

  • Graeme Bannerman, Ph.D., Past President

    Dr. Graeme Bannerman is the founder of Bannerman Associates, an international consulting firm.  He was previously a staffer for Middle East and South Asia on the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, as well as a former Middle East analyst on the US State Department Policy Planning staff.  Graeme has taught at several universities, including Georgetown […]

  • Rodney Eichler

    Rodney J. Eichler is the former Executive Vice President and Executive Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer of the Apache Corporation. He has also served as Apache’s President and Chief Operating Officer. Eichler worked on regional and international development projects for Apache beginning in 1993 and moved to Egypt for 12 years beginning in 1997 […]

  • Suzan Habachy

    Suzan Habachy is an expert in the field of international development, having served in a variety of roles showcasing her diverse areas of expertise. She worked for the United Nations for over 20 years and served as the Executive Director of the Trickle Up Program, an international poverty-alleviation organization working across the globe. Suzan has […]

  • Steve Lutes

    Steve Lutes is a Middle East and international trade expert. He currently serves as Vice President of Middle East Affairs at the US Chamber of Commerce and as Executive Director for the US-Egypt Business Council, among other councils on which he serves in the same capacity. Prior to this position, Steve was a senior legislative […]

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