Obtaining vocational skills, pursuing a career in the STEM field, or just becoming the first in one’s family to be fully literate in Arabic. These are all opportunities made possible for Egyptian youth from vulnerable households because of the generosity of HANDS’ donors!

Often the children of underserved families drop out of school to pick-up menial, odd jobs that help their parents cover household expenses. But thanks to HANDS’ supporters, the loans that parents receive to create microenterprises provide an additional source of income, enabling their children to remain in school and work towards a better future.  These microloans have life-changing effects on recipients like Ekram. 

Ekram, a hardworking woman from Minya, was struggling to afford the expenses of her household but did not want her children to drop out of school to support the family. Instead, she applied to a HANDS-sponsored microloan program to improve her economic situation. 

Ekram received two small loans, which have enabled her to start and sustain a small livestock project.  She used the first loan to buy a cow and the second one to purchase more food to fatten the cow. She sells the cow’s milk and also makes butter and cheese for sale. Ekram’s small business is thriving and providing the economic stability needed to support her family!

She plans to further expand her livestock project in the future, but for now, she is enjoying the additional income to cover necessary expenses and the occasional sweet treat for her children. 

With a little help from our donors, Ekram was able to break the cycle of poverty her family was trapped in. We’re grateful to all of our donors—including our corporate sponsors, like Apex International Energy—who make stories like Ekram’s possible!