In a dusty village in Beni Suef, a rural governorate with a poverty rate of more than 60%, Hanan, a mother of two, was struggling to make ends meet. 

Like most women from disadvantaged communities, Hanan has faced many challenges in her life. She likely married her husband at a young age, and her schooling was probably cut short. Although her husband works full time as a carpenter, it was difficult to support their family on his income. Watching her loved ones struggle, Hanan decided to step forward and support them. 

Hanan and her family live on a farm, where there is ample space for livestock. She had had some experience raising cattle, which she realized she could use to help her family financially. Having her own income would also give her a voice in her community that she, as a woman from an underserved background, had never had before. 

To start this livestock venture, Hanan decided to apply for a microloan, sponsored by HANDS’ donors. Through the loan she was awarded, she purchased a small calf. She has successfully raised this calf and profited from selling her milk. She hopes to eventually breed the cow to start a herd, which she can also sell. 

She is pleased that she can now share economic responsibility for her family with her husband. Her income has also increased her influence in her family and her power to advocate for herself and her daughters. 

Through the generosity of HANDS donors, this young mother and businesswoman was able to contribute to her family’s financial situation and to her own sense of financial power. We are grateful for the support of all our partners, including Diwan Bookstore, who make stories like Hanan’s possible throughout Egypt.