Experiences, achievements, lessons-learned and recommendations gathered during the implementation of our pilot project “Activating Private Sector to Act as an Advocate for Women’s Economic Rights in the MENA Region” are now available in the booklet, in English and Arabic languages! We hope that the accomplishments and experiences in this project will continue to inspire new initiatives and sustainable action in the region to further accelerate progress towards the goal of allowing women to reach their full economic participation and rights. The booklet is available for download and we appreciate any feedback readers might have to share with us. Together with our partners in this project, CEOSS in Egypt, CAWTAR in Tunisia and Ennakhil Association in Morocco, we extend our thanks to United Nations Democracy Fund for making this great project possible.

Activating the Role of the Private Sector
in Promoting Gender Equality
in the MENA Region
Pilot Project Experience in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco
(English Language)

March, 2023

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