In a poor village in Upper Egypt, a photographer struggled to support his wife and four school-aged children on 700 Egyptian pounds a month (approximately $90). Shohdy found that this income was not enough to cover the expenses of raising a family.
When Shohdy heard about the HANDS-sponsored microloan program, he decided to use that to turn his business into a success and his house into a happy home. With the loan, he bought an advanced digital camera, put a down-payment on a photocopier, and also paid for family expenses not covered by his monthly income. Fortunately, Shohdy still had money left over and wisely decided to save it.
Shohdy standing in front of his new and improved business.
Shohdy amazed us with how efficiently he used the loan. In addition to bolstering his business, directly supporting his family, and making investments for the future, he is also able to spend more time with his son who helps out at the shop. Who knows? Maybe Shohdy’s son will invest in an even larger photo store!
At HANDS, we are glad to see what Shohdy has accomplished. “We made a good profit and thank you for all of your help,” Shohdy tells us.
HANDS thanks our partners who help us make these success stories possible, and we look forward to hearing more from Shohdy and his family!