Sitting in a room filled with colorful boxes of sweets, Zainab counts her earnings and records them with a blue pen. As a resourceful and ambitious mother providing for five children, she works relentlessly to develop her small roadside grocery store.

She had initially lacked the funds to grow her business. It was only after Zainab learned about and applied for microloans sponsored by HANDS’ supporters that she saw her revenue increase. Three consecutive loans have enabled her to expand her store by selling an increasing amount of merchandise.

Zainab plans to continue investing in her business for her family’s future. Her next goal: an ice cream fridge!

Thanks to the generosity of HANDS’ supporters, Zainab can now provide her family with greater economic stability. Not only can she pay for household expenses, but she is also able to provide private tutoring for her children when needed, something that enables many Egyptian youth to pass their final exams and enroll in college. Empowered to pursue higher education, Zainab’s children will have access to career opportunities their mother could have only dreamed of.

Zainab and individuals like her in Egypt are able to fulfill their dreams due to the thoughtful contributions of HANDS’ individual supporters and our corporate sponsors like Care With Love. We thank you for your generosity!