In the arid countryside of Upper Egypt, Magdi, a vegetable farmer, works tirelessly to support his loving wife and two young children.  Unfortunately, the meager profits from vegetable farming have not been enough to support Magdi and his young family.

However, Magdi finally discovered a way to meet his family’s needs with the help of one of HANDS’ local partner organizations that offers small loans to help budding entrepreneurs begin small businesses.


Magdi stands proudly in front of his new cow.


The loan enabled him to purchase a cow that his family uses to produce and sell dairy products such as cheese and butter. Magdi plans to sell the cow after it reaches maturity. The profits from the sale will help him buy more livestock. By doing this, Magdi hopes to support his family and plan for his children’s future education. We cannot wait to see what is next for Magdi and his family!


HANDS is thankful for our generous donors who are making transformations like this possible in the lives of people across Egypt.