Ayman is a husband, father, and utensil vendor living in a village in the Assiut governorate of Upper Egypt.  Before applying for a loan from one of HANDS local partner organizations, Think and Do, this entrepreneur had been facing significant financial difficulty.  His house in the village of El Gawly was at risk of collapsing as it was made from weak bricks and planks of wood.  Additionally, his utensil business was suffering as he struggled to make payments to his supplier.  Until Ayman met his financial obligation, the trader refused to provide him with products to sell.

Ayman was selected as a recipient of a loan disbursement this past summer.  Using funds sponsored by HANDS, not only could he pay off his debt to the supplier, but Ayman was also able to meet all of his client’s orders.  His business has since doubled and he has started going to the main trader twice per week to buy products.  This small loan has had a big impact on this entrepreneur!

Ayman stands proudly in front of his inventory of kitchen utensils in his renovated home


During this time, the house Ayman lived in with his family needed to be demolished. His wife and children could not be without a home for long, so he needed a solution fast. Due to the successful expansion of his business, Ayman completed the rebuilding process on the house ahead of schedule and had money left over to cover his children’s school expenses. With help from HANDS’ donors like you, Ayman is building a better life for himself and his family.

HANDS would like to thank our numerous donors for making Ayman’s story a success. He is just one of the many entrepreneurs in Egypt that HANDS supports, and we look forward to sharing even more of these transformations with you as we continue to support this program.