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  • In a country that has high levels of unemployment and low job creation rates, people are often prevented from reaching their potential. Millions of Egyptians are trapped in the cycle of poverty that has plagued them for years. It is our mission to lend a helping hand to those who are consistently denied the opportunity […]

  • HANDS’ commitment to the people of Egypt is not bound by any divisions within society. We are determined to empower Egyptian communities that have seen the horrors of discrimination, whether it be because these people were part of an ethnic or racial minority, victims of religious intolerance, or physically or mentally disabled. We understand that […]

  • The people of the United States and Egypt have intertwined destinies; we will succeed or fail together. Recognizing this important relationship, HANDS is committed to building bridges between peoples. Our programs encourage cross-cultural learning from an international perspective. We sponsor insight trips and missions to Egypt that allow Americans to see how the country really […]

  • The United Nations has declared that access to healthcare is a human right. Following in the spirit of this and other calls to help people live more fulfilling lives, HANDS is committed to making medical care increasingly accessible to the people of Egypt. Our various programs are designed to ensure that every Egyptian who requires […]

  • Retreat/Conference Centers: Beit El Salaam This is a conference center on the Mediterranean Sea, serving around 12,000 campers each year. Its goal is to provide a retreat location for various church and youth groups, including those who could not afford to attend otherwise. The New Minia Development Project This venture, undertaken by the Second Presbyterian […]

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