Through your generosity, Egyptians in vulnerable communities are building more prosperous futures for themselves and their families. One of these fortunate families is Sara’s.

In the Upper Egyptian town of Minya, Sara’s family was struggling to subsist on her husband’s salary. Sara needed to find an additional source of income to support their household.

Having grown up in a rural area, she had some experience in farming, which she realized she could utilize. However, obtaining the funds to start a small agricultural enterprise was a challenge since she did not qualify for a traditional bank loan.

As soon as Sara heard about HANDS-sponsored microloans, she decided to apply for one. She created a vision for her small project, one that focused on raising sheep. The loan provided her the funds to purchase her first set of sheep, jumpstarting her animal-husbandry business.  Once her flock began to birth lambs, Sara started selling them and making a profit. 

Sara is learning the ins and outs of being a working parent. Her children are proud of their mother for creating her own business and are, of course, thrilled with the better food, extra school supplies, and the occasional treat they can now afford. 

Thanks to the generosity of HANDS donors and Sara’s own industriousness, her family is experiencing much greater economic security today than they were just two years ago. Join us in celebrating Sara’s success!