Some aspiring entrepreneurs are barely out of their teens but carry the weight of a family on their shoulders.

As a young mother of two children, 23-year-old Eman lives with her husband and in-laws in a rural Egyptian community.

In Egypt, women from underserved areas may face barriers when attempting to join the workforce. This is especially true for young mothers like Eman, who must prioritize childcare and other domestic responsibilities over providing for their families. Despite her husband’s job at a slipper factory, Eman’s family still struggled to make ends meet. With the help of HANDS donors, Eman’s persistence and entrepreneurial spirit allowed her to find new opportunities to provide for her family. She eagerly applied for and was awarded a HANDS sponsored loans to buy cattle.
After paying off the first loan, Eman was later awarded a second loan to purchase land and start a small farm to feed the cows. Sales from milk, cheese, butter, and crops harvested from the farm have allowed Eman to pay installments on the second loan.

Despite the hard work involved with running a business, Eman is very happy with her life and loves how she is able to contribute towards supporting her family. Stories like Eman’s beautifully illustrate how microloans from HANDS’ donors directly enable young entrepreneurs, especially those from underserved backgrounds, to achieve positive outcomes for themselves, their families, and their communities.