Gamal and his son pictured with the calves purchased through a HANDS sponsored microloan program


Gamal has a wife and two children to support but the daily wages from his job as a driver in Ezbet Rida weren’t enough. Despite his hard work, the money he brings in from driving barely met his family’s needs. Gamal was looking for a way to supplement his income when he heard about a HANDS sponsored microloan program.

Through this program, Gamal decided to start a micro-enterprise of fattening calves. He is able to buy calves to raise, selling them for a profit after they are fully grown. He succeeded in this goal with the help of his family; when Gamal is out working during the day, his wife pitches in and takes care of the livestock. According to Gamal, the business has been successful and has earned his family a profit. Following this loan, he tells us, “I thank God, and I am satisfied by His blessings.”

An entrepreneur at heart, Gamal soon plans to take another loan to expand his small business. With the help of HANDS donors, Gamal has been able to support his family through starting this side business to supplement the income he earns from driving.

HANDS is honored to be part of  Gamal’s achievements. We look forward to hearing what progress Gamal and his family will see in the future!