Mohammed, two of his siblings, and their mother have special needs. They represent 10% of Egypt’s population that have a mental or physical disability. Being disabled makes it very challenging for someone to live in Egypt. There is a lack of resources for this population. Mohammed’s family is no exception; they live in an underserved area in an old apartment building.

Students from Fairhaven School, a special education HANDS sponsored school in Alexandria, Egypt.


However, all is not dark for Mohammed. HANDS has been helping Mohammed and this vulnerable population for over a decade by sponsoring Fairhaven School for people with disabilities located in Alexandria, Egypt. Fairhaven serves  over 100 students annually, each of whom have a tailor-made educational program in addition to regular group classes, based on individual assessment. Fairhaven also provides complementary programs including computer training, aerobics and gymnastics exercises, music therapy, and choir and singing training in order combine skills, learning, and fun for the students.

Because of the generosity of HANDS’ donors, Mohammed is able to live at the Fairhaven group home for free and his family only has to pay a small amount of school fees.

Fairhaven has allowed Mohammed to be independent in everyday life activities. He even is able to help some of his peers at the group home who need assistance.


This opportunity has not only benefited Mohammed but also his family. With Mohammed and his siblings at school, their father is able to work overtime at his job, increasing the family income.
When we ask Mohammed about his hopes and dreams in the future, he smiles and responds that he wants to eventually be able to help his father.


HANDS is honored to partner with Fairhaven School in helping to create opportunities for children and youth with disabilities.