Like many women in Upper Egypt, Hanan relied on her husband to feed and clothe their family of five. Before COVID-19, her husband found work as a day laborer two or three days a week, which barely met the family’s needs. Since the pandemic started, most of his job opportunities have completely dried up. The good news is that Hanan had already started to turn the family’s situation around.  

Hope came last year when she took a HANDS-sponsored vocational training program, which helped her understand the basics of sewing. She learned how to make trousers, blouses, and galabeyas, long Egyptian robes. This marketable skill opened new opportunities for Hanan to find employment and create a better lifestyle for herself and her family.

When the vocational training staff called to follow-up with her, we were delighted to learn that Hanan had started her own micro-enterprise as a seamstress.

Before these times of social distancing, she had also formed a group of ten women to whom she taught sewing. The investment in Hanan’s training has multiplied tenfold!

Hanan is another beautiful example of what an enterprising Egyptian can do with some basic vocational training. She is so thankful to HANDS donors for their generosity, which she is using to create a better life for her family. In these difficult times, we at HANDS hope you are well. May Hanan’s experience of triumphing over tough circumstances encourage you as much as it has us.