When we think of the microloans that you so generously make possible for the people of Egypt, we often picture small grocery stores or other retail shops, but in more rural areas, agricultural projects are also popular startups.

The project that Rons, a woman from Hasan Basha village in Upper Egypt, launched is one such business. Surrounded by farmers and knowledgable in animal husbandry, she wanted to begin a small agricultural business to help support her growing family. This dream was made possible thanks to a HANDS-sponsored microloan.

Her small business involves raising goats. Rons used her first loan of $62 to buy a pregnant goat. When this goat gave birth, Rons’ new profession as a goat-herder started in earnest. After she finished repaying the installments of her first loan, Rons took out another loan to not only buy a third goat but to also rent a piece of land to raise clover to feed her expanding herd of goats.

Ron’s microenterprise has become a great success! With the help of the loans, she was able to use her entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of agricultural practices to begin building her business. She is happy that she can now share in meeting her family’s needs.

We at HANDS are proud to share stories like Rons’ to highlight the innovative ways entrepreneurs, many of whom are women, are making economic strides in villages and cities across Egypt.

We’re so grateful for our supporters, including Apex International Energy, for making these opportunities possible for innovative, hardworking Egyptians like Rons.