Like many young Egyptians, Mario, from Malawy in the governorate of Minya, had been facing long-term unemployment, which left him unable to provide for himself. At 28 years old, he knew he had to make a change if he ever wanted to move out of his parent’s home and start his own family.  

So, Mario came to a HANDS-sponsored training center, where he received job-skills instruction that helped transform his life. He developed technical skills in cell phone maintenance and, after learning the vocation, was able to open his own mobile phone shop and maintenance facility in his community.  

Mario has finally started to earn a living and build a more stable life for himself. Now he can look forward to getting married and starting a family of his own.   

We are incredibly grateful for your investments, which help young Egyptians like Mario achieve their dreams. Together, we are building more prosperous communities in Egypt.