The micro-enterprise programs that HANDS supports in Egypt are not only meant for new entrepreneurs, but can be for pre-existing small businesses, too. With the persistence of rural marginalization and poverty in Egypt, it can be difficult for small business people to access the credit needed to keep their projects afloat. This is where HANDS comes in, to help restart dreams like Abram’s.

Abram is a cattle owner in an underserved village in Upper Egypt. A year ago, Abram found himself struggling to feed and fatten his stock. His farming project was on the verge of failure after his door-to-door efforts had found no one in the village to help hAbramim.

So Abram was thrilled to hear about one of HANDS’ local partner organizations offering small business loans in his governance. HANDS sponsored a microloan to support Abram’s cattle business. With this loan, Abram was not only able to get his cattle up to a healthy and marketable weight, but he finally settled an old debt to the cattle trader. Abram could continue his business and have some peace of mind.

The relief on Abram’s face is clear.

Thank you, to all HANDS supporters for continuing to make success stories like Abram’s possible!