Preparing for a wedding can be an expensive proposition for parents. In Egypt, not only are the parents expected to throw an engagement and wedding party, but they should also furnish the couple’s new home. This was the situation for 36-year-old Zina, a farmer’s wife and mother of three, as she prepared for her oldest daughter’s marriage. Resources were tight. 

Looking for creative solutions for the wedding expenses, Zina was pleased to take a loan from one of HANDS partner organizations for $191, with which she bought a pregnant cow. After the cow gave birth, Zina raised the calf and sold the dairy products produced by the mother.

Later, she sold the calf and bought another pregnant cow.  She is planning to sell this calf, too, to cover the costs of her daughter’s engagement.

As an expression of her gratitude for her family’s improved financial situation, she has committed to giving a kilo of butter and milk to a poor family in her village every month.

Zina is very thankful to HANDS donors for helping her when she needed it most. Through the small loans she received, Zina has been able to help provide for her family, especially for her daughter’s new home. We wish the new couple a lifetime of happiness together!