In a room with light pink walls, behind her dark sunglasses, Nafusa tirelessly sorts through used garments of different hues and patterns. Nafusa provides for her family and helps disadvantaged members of her community through her small business as a vendor of preowned clothes.

Nafusa had long dedicated her time and energy to her secondhand clothes business, procuring and reselling blouses, jeans, galabeyas, and much more. Several years ago, though, she faced some financial obstacles. As her daughter’s wedding approached, she needed to purchase the items required for the trousseau. To help her daughter start her new life, Nafusa needed to expand her project. However, she lacked the resources to invest in more products.

When Nafusa heard about the HANDS-sponsored microloans that were being distributed by one of our local partner organizations, she decided to apply for one. She succeeded and received her first loan of around $45, which allowed her to acquire more used clothing for sale. Subsequent loans, the most recent of which was around $780, have furthered the expansion of her business. These funds enabled Nafusa to obtain all of the necessities for her daughter’s nuptials.

As her supplies have grown and her network has expanded, she has even found herself in a position to assist other community members. Notably, she has helped young adults without parents purchase furniture prior to their weddings, thus ensuring their marriages.

We are so grateful for your generous support which has empowered Nafusa and other hardworking Egyptian entrepreneurs to build better lives for their families and invest in their communities.