Sahar rented a shop in El Galwy village in order to sell ready-made clothes. An entrepreneur at heart, she wanted so badly for this business to become successful. However, the store was facing a cash flow problem. Clients came, but she lacked the inventory to fill their orders. As Sahar invested more time and money, her family began to suffer. That’s when the fights began. Her husband begged her to close the business.

Woman stands in her clothing shop
Sahar smiling in front of her newly restocked shop


What happens when you are told you have to choose between following your dreams and keeping your family? “He kicked me out of my house,” Sahar told us. She had to leave her children with their father and move in with her parents for a while.

But Sahar refused to give up. Filled with a fighting spirit and hope, she applied to one of HANDS local partners for a loan. Once approved, this business woman bought the products needed by her customers. More and more people from the village began to frequent her shop. Sahar earned so much money that she paid two months’ rent.

Thanks to donors like you, Sahar’s story had a happy ending. She was no longer forced to choose between her passion and her family. Her relationship with her husband improved, as the extra income meant she could help meet her family’s financial needs. No more arguments over the children’s school expenses. No more fights about the shop. Most importantly, she had gained her husband’s support.

Your donations have a huge impact on these entrepreneurs both professionally and personally. Thank you for continuing to touch so many lives in Egypt.