Mounira was grateful for her family and content with the simple life she led in rural Egypt, but worry over her ability to provide for herself and her loved ones on her meager seamstress wages consumed her. The house she lived in was small and unfinished. Her daughter was soon-to-be married, and Mounira worried she could not afford the wedding and the costs required to set up a new home, threatening the certainty of the wedding and her daughter’s economic future. 

Her skill on the sewing machine would only take her so far on such a poor, outdated piece of equipment. She knew she would have to take the initiative to create the change she desperately needed in her life. 

When Mounira decided to take a microloan from one of HANDS’ local partner organizations, her life instantly improved. With the newfound funds, she was able to purchase an advanced sewing machine, allowing her to expand her capabilities. With this state-of-the-art tool at her disposal, her sewing skills improved, allowing her to craft the beautiful designs she had always longed to produce. 

The loan brought a greater measure of security and comfort to her life. She was able to throw her daughter’s wedding and help launch her new life. On top of that, Mounira was able to sew her daughter’s wedding dress, as well as her own dress, and even buy herself a new pair of gold earrings!  

Today, Mounira lives a fulfilling life, enjoying the ability to care for herself and her family. She manages a successful sewing business, frequented by many devoted clients. She is grateful for the fresh start the loan provided her. 

Due to your generosity and her own hard work, Mounira and many other hardworking Egyptians have been able to improve their lives and those of their loved ones.