Eman’s life has been far from easy. As a mother of two from Alexandria, both Eman’s husband and son have been diagnosed with chronic health conditions. With piles of bills, their family found themselves in debt.  Since her husband was unable to work because of his illness, Eman desperately needed to find a way  to provide for the basic needs of her family as well as their medical expenses.

Through a program sponsored by HANDS’ generous donors, Eman found a solution!  She was thrilled to receive job skills training to become a hairdresser in her local community.

Eman says that since becoming a hairdresser, she has experienced an empowering transformation in her life. Eman now has the skills that enabled her to start her own home-based salon–and gets to watch it flourish!  Through her new business, Eman has been able to provide for her family while discovering a career she truly loves.

HANDS’ partners encourage people to move out of the cycle of poverty and dependency through learning job skills or receiving microloans to start their own businesses. HANDS is honored to be able to partner with organizations that provide women with opportunities to learn new skills and generate income.

Eman’s vocational growth is thanks to the generosity of friends–like you–who have been supporting HANDS’ vocational training programs in Egypt. We’re so grateful for your partnership in bringing opportunities to young entrepreneurial Egyptians, like Eman.