During these difficult times, sometimes it is encouraging to hear stories of hope.

Today we share Warda’s story. Warda, a 38-year-old mother, is from the Egyptian village of El Hawaslya. She wanted to help her husband support the family by using her skills in hairstyling and makeup, perfected through years of playing dress-up with her sisters. 

Hearing about a HANDS-sponsored loan program was a great opportunity for Warda. She initially took out a $256 loan to start her micro-enterprise. This enabled her to purchase a hair drier, flat iron, and products from a cosmetics company. 

With hard work and guidance from HANDS local partners in business planning, Warda’s project grew. She was able to pay back the installments of the loan and earn a reasonable profit to support her family.

Warda hard at work.

To expand her micro-enterprise, Warda took out an additional $384 loan. This enabled her to employ two assistants, increasing the number of customers she could serve. She also purchased a larger mirror and a special chair for her clients to modernize the look of her salon.  

Thanks to her dedication and personality, Warda has become the most popular hairdresser in her village! She is also creating jobs for the women who work with her.

Warda is grateful to the HANDS donors whose generosity has changed her life. We wish Warda–and all those who are supporting their families and creating jobs in their communities through HANDS-sponsored microloans or vocational training–good health and continued business growth during these challenging times.