Nabila, a mother of three from the village of Akaka, was was a stay-at-home mother. Her husband’s salary, earned through long hours in a local factory, did not always cover the family’s needs. By the end of each month, Nabila and her husband had to decide between feeding their children and paying their electric bill.

Then one day, Nabila heard about a HANDS-sponsored program that offers microloans for individuals wanting to start small businesses. Together with her mother, Nabila applied for a microloan to launch a small store selling plastering and painting materials.

After two years, Nabila and her mother were running a successful business! Not only had they paid back the loan, but Nabila was also able to alleviate the financial burdens at home. Always looking to innovate and expand, they recently added electrical appliances to their shop’s expanding selections.

Nabila has almost tripled the family’s income in a short time. On top of her husband’s monthly earnings of $74, Nabila’s flourishing business brings in an average of $124 per month.

Thank you to all our generous donors who make such opportunities possible for women like Nabila! We are especially grateful to Apex International Energy for their partnership in providing opportunities for some of the most economically vulnerable communities in Egypt.