Safwat, a mechanic from a village in the Upper Egyptian province of Minya, ekes out a living by repairing motorcycles and tuktuks (automatic rickshaws).
Before receiving a micro-loan from HANDS, every time Safwat had a repair project, he had to trek into the city to purchase spare parts. This was a costly and time-consuming endeavor, which limited him to handling only one repair job at a time.

Safwat’s micro-loan allowed him to stock up on supplies for his shop.


Through the micro-loan program, Safwat has been empowered to be much more efficient with his time. He told us recently,  “I took a loan from [HANDS partner] Think and Do and bought a lot of spare parts to use in my workshop. I make a profit and I am happy.”


In fact, Safwat has become so successful that his wife now needs to assist him in the spare parts shop. “I am grateful to her for helping me and to Think and Do for giving me the loan. Thanks to God!”


We at HANDS are so thankful for the support of our many donors including Apache Corporation and Miles & Stockbridge Foundation. Their investments are providing life-changing opportunities for thousands of people, like Safwat, across Egypt.