Samira is a widowed mother from Ezbet Rida, a hamlet in Upper Egypt. With no work experience and only an elementary school education, feeding her children is no easy task. Before receiving a life-changing loan sponsored by HANDS, she survived on small donations from a local community organization, which barely covered her family’s monthly needs.

Samira’s situation changed, however, thanks to a microloan through one of HANDS’ local partner organizations. With her small loan, Samira was able to purchase a pregnant cow, which will serve her in many ways. Once the cow gives birth, she plans to sell the calf for almost double the price of the loan she was given. Using this extra profit, she intends to rent half an acre of land for cultivation.

She says this will allow her to “live without holding out her hand” to her community for donations. With a poverty rate of more than 40% in Egypt, this source of income is a welcome opportunity.

HANDS is grateful to our generous donors, who provide such life-giving opportunities to hardworking Egyptians like Samira.

Samira’s cow