In a time when media headlines are filled with stories on conflict, Hands Along the Nile is proud to share news of its recent work bridging the divide between nations. HANDS together with three partner organizations recently organized another round of Egyptian American Dialogue in Cairo. A group of American participants from Congress, religious institutions, and civil society met with counterparts from Egypt and visited with senior advisers at various government ministries and religious institutions.


HANDS and our partners brought together over 30 Americans and Egyptians for a day of intensive dialogue.


HANDS recognizes the importance of bringing people together with the goal of creating cross-cultural understanding and improving relations between the U.S. and Egypt. With this in mind, the dialogue opened with presentations that highlighted Egyptian and American perspectives on a number of topics.  The speakers and topics are listed on the left.


Deputy Chief of Mission Goldberger of the U.S. Embassy presents on “Democracy and Stability: Active Citizens and Human Rights”
Dr. Ahmed El Borai, a former government minister, presents as part of the Egyptian Delegation  on “Development and Stability:  The Role of Civil Society”


At the conclusion of the event, one participant stated that this day of dialogue was “one of the most significant meetings [he has] attended all year!”


Between meetings, the delegation continued learning through small-group discussions.


Following this day of intensive dialogue, the group continued exploring how these concepts are applied in different institutions in Egypt. The American delegation traversed Cairo to meet with Egyptian religious and political officials beginning with The Grand Mufti of Al Azhar. The Grand Imam Dr. Ahmed al-Tayyeb also welcomed the American delegation in al-Azhar al-Shareef, stressing the need to stimulate the global discussion on facing the plague of terrorism, which is no longer confined to the East.


The American delegation poses after fruitful discussion with the Sheikh Al Azhar


The American delegation also visited a few projects sponsored by HANDS and CEOSS. In Basateen, participants visited one branch of our Employment Through Technology and Innovation Program (ETI), which has trained over 24,000 unemployed youth in marketable skills and connected them with employers in the community. In Mukattam, members of the delegation brunched with participants in the Forum for Intercultural Dialogue (FID). Every month this interfaith community group meets, alternating venues between a mosque, a church, and a local nonprofit. During brunch, any topic, except for politics or religion, is open for discussion.

A few of the distinguished members of the Egyptian and American delegations.


HANDS would like to thank all those who hosted us for meetings and site visits in Egypt. A special thanks goes to our partner organizations (CEOSS, the Presbyterian Church USA, and Global Ministries of the Christian Church and United Church of Christ) for making this dialogue initiative possible.